Our Mission.

We are committed to serve a variety of product and service sectors in energy, exploration, manufacturing, recreation, and community development for recovery, restoration and renewal.

the earth conscious technology® company.

Earth Conscious®. It’s more than a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the idea that we can leave the earth a better place than the way we found it. It’s a way of doing things differently in every aspect of our lives whether on land, sea, or air.

A little bit of Earth Conscious® awareness can transform nearly every aspect of life, by simply taking one step at a time. It starts with an idea, for example, “let’s find a way to make this product without polluting.” Then we found a way to do that. Soon after, other applications became apparent.

Fortune made additional formulas available to us, so we acquired them. New formulas led us to new applications in new industries. Now, the earth conscious awareness we fostered is spreading to other minds, in other industries, and is taking root in the collective consciousness of consumers, too.

From our modest beginning, using a non-toxic, flexible foam to soak up oil spills, we now have over 30 unique, proprietary formulas for everything from construction materials, to memory foam; from foam consumer sponges, to CBD infused health and beauty products; from protective foam for sporting products to a myriad of medical applications. The sky is the limit for our carbon negative foam products, and if a product isn’t made of foam, the packaging in which it arrives probably is.

Communicating that it’s possible to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle is important to us. It’s easy to adopt, and a pleasure to share. Just be aware of the world around you, and make the Earth Conscious® decision.

earth conscious® making a difference​

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Keeping the Oceans Clean

Oil spills on the ocean are particularly hard to clean up, such as the British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill, due to the dynamic environment.

How can such spills be cleaned up?  How can the size of the spill be measured?  We need something simple and effective.

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Channels and Harbors

Channels and harbors are part of the ebb and flow of coastal waterways.

They are natural collection points for trash, debris, and contaminants.

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Oil Spills Are Costly

Being unprepared for an oil spill can be very costly. If the spill can be contained or cleaned up within 30 minutes, disaster can be minimized.  If left unattended longer than that, a spill can spread so quickly as to be uncontainable.

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Pristine wetlands are susceptible to pollution from toxic run-off, and from pollution coming inland from the sea.

How do we keep contaminants out? Once spoiled, damage is impossible to reverse.

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Oil Transportation

Moving oil by rail, truck, or tanker will create accidents.

What’s the best way to deal with this challenge?”

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Everything Leaks

Everything transporting, holding, or using oil will eventually leak.

Is there anything that can work to solve every size problem?

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Oil Stains Concrete

The appearance of your property can be marred by oil stains on the driveway.

How can we remove stains, in order to keep rain from washing oil down into the groundwater, or out to the ocean?

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Toxic Utility Pole Coatings

Wooden poles are all treated with a preservative to protect the wood from rot and insects.

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The Concrete Jungle

Our cities, towns, roads, and highways become the source of immeasurable toxic run-off when it rains.  A modest downpour can deposit tons of trash and oil in storm drains that eventually lead to our lakes and oceans.  It is a major source of pollution.

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Custom oil clean-up solutions

Amusement park rides have both electronic, and hydraulic components.  Leaking oil drips from hydraulic hoses onto electronic sensors on the tracks, causing an instant shut down.

The track is nearly inaccessible under the floor. How can we clean the track underneath?

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Amusement Park Water Rides

Amusement Park Water Rides can be shut down when oil gets into the water the “boats” float through.  This can come from mechanical or hydraulic sources, and makes a noxious odor for the guests.

What’s the best way to quickly clean this oily film off the water and get rid of the smell of leaking oil?

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Custom oil absorbing gasket solutions

Amusement Park Rides are very rough on the passenger cars.  They need repair nightly.

In particular, these cars leak into the passenger compartment through a leaking seal.  Is there a way to keep this from happening?

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Custom Oil Containment Solutions

The locomotion for amusement park rides requires heavy duty hydraulics and the motors leak oil in plain sight of guests.

How can this mess be effectively stopped and also be more visually appealing?

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Reuse your oil pads up to 40 times! Save the environment!

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The difference

Traditional Foam



Plant-based resources

Yes. Grows bacteria

No. No bacteria growth



2x – 4x weight

14x weight

Low tensile strength

Strong tensile strength

Toxic harmful chemicals



Yes. Soap, scents, etc.

Required federal approvals

No approvals required



Toxic foam degrades into ecosystem

No degradation. Non-toxic

Oil Absorbent

Absorbs 14 times its weight in oil. Easily extract the oil absorbed, reclaim.

Earth Conscious® & Carbon Negative

Made with bio-modified BeBetterFoam® Two year shelf life


Durable and reusable, multiple uses. Use on land or water. Non-flammable and Hydrophobic, water-resistant.

who we are.


We came together in response to the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill that occured in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2010. We were appalled as we witnessed the immediate, devastating impact of the environment. We also saw that the conventional cleanup methods being used were even more damaging to ecosystem, and were not solving the problem. we wanted to help with cleanup effort, so we decided to not be a team of onlookers, but a team that takes action and honors the fact that we are all responsible for the human impact on our planet.

Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIRTech) was our first in finding a solution. Our mission was to be an integral part of resolving this global problem. We joined with one of the top chemists in the world to formulate a new, non-toxic foam product made from renewable resources. By shaping our foam into buoys, booms, and pads, and developing them around an oil spill, we are able to quickly absorb oil from a body of water as easily as you would use a sponge to mop up a spill at home. With the help of family, friends, a few investors, and years of hard work, we developed a product that was approved by the EPA, and also got the green light from the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH & WILDLIFE. The foam is water repellent (hydrophobic), while it naturally absorbs oil and silicones (oleophilic). In addition to being highly absorbent on a molecular level, it is so resilient that it an be reused multiple times without degrading. We call it BeBetterFoam®.

Chairman of the AIRTech Board / Founder

blake ward​

Blake has extensive marketing experience developing and assisting small to mid-size companies with private placement funding, and brings diversified experience in business management and corporate finance. Blake has extensive expertise in the construction industry. Since 1985, he has managed, consulted and started several construction and concrete cutting, coring and demolition companies which include American Concrete Cutting & Coring, Castillo Demolition & Concrete and Crown concrete Cutting & Coring.

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Doherty

Bob is a seasoned business and technology executive with experience in manufacturing, operations and engineering. He has successfully led global businesses and has a proven track record of consistently exceeding revenue and profit objectives. He has successfully taken two companies from start-ups to multi-million dollars in sales.

our accomplishments.

march 2013

Develop first soap infused pads for action/travel called Soap’s Up!

June 2013

Verizon uses BeBetterFoam booms for commercial shoot

August 2013

Made non-toxic surfboard blanks out of BeBetterFoam®

September 2013

AIRTech creates first spin-off called Pura Naturals to sell soap infused household/kitchen/health & beauty products

June 2014

AIRTECH signs Larry Bertlemann, Hall of Fame Surf Legend, to be Spokesman for AIRTECH’S second spin-off called BeBetterBoards

June 2014

Acquired additional formulas – flexible foam, rigid foam formula, memory foam formula, polystyrene (Styrofoam replacement)

December 2014

Our prototype board was ridden by surf pro Kyana Rowland to a 4th place finish in the National Surf contest at Salt Creek Beach, Orange County, CA.

February 2015

Developed additional hybrid formulas from the four primary formulas acquired, expanding the number of formulas to 37

February 2015

Pura Naturals sponges are on the shelves of major retail stores

December 2015

Frack water filter field testing begins with Japanese company

March 2016

Develop the Pura Equine division, and the Pura Equine sponge, and secure Kent Desormeaux, Hall of Fame Jockey, as Spokesman for Pura Naturals Equine

March 2016

Pura Naturals is part of the Hollywood Celebrity Gifting Suite showing the Pura Naturals line to multiple celebrities

June 2016

Kent Desormeaux wears Pura Naturals silks riding Exaggerator, winner of the Preakness Stakes, at the Belmont Stakes

July 2016

Pura Naturals is featured at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada, receiving many accolades

May 2017

Pura Marine and its products are featured at the International Oil Spill Convention in Long Beach, CA

June 2017

Coast Guard designates BeBetterFoam booms/pads as best achievable technology

October 2017

AIRTECH sells out of the whole run of memory foam core pillows sold under the EcoSoft label at Brookstone

February 2018

Research and development completed for Grease Beast Sponges for Pura Naturals

March 2018

Developed CBD and Hemp Seed Extract infused face pads for testing

September 2018

Develop prototype filter for capturing airborne hydrocarbons, oil mist, and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas