About Us

chairman of the AIRTech board / founder

blake ward​

Blake has extensive marketing experience developing and assisting small to mid-size companies with private placement funding, and brings diversified experience in business management and corporate finance. Blake has extensive expertise in the construction industry. Since 1985, he has managed, consulted and started several construction and concrete cutting, coring and demolition companies which include American Concrete Cutting & Coring, Castillo Demolition & Concrete and Crown concrete Cutting & Coring.

Mr. Ward is the C.E.O. of Advanced Innovative Marketing Inc. which he founded in 1995, a consulting company assisting with the marketing and development of small to mid-sized companies.  Mr. Ward is also one of the Founders and president of Qsync Inc., and the co-creator of the QSR 24/30 Film Reader used for research screenings on approximately 1000 films.  Qsync’s 24/30 Film Reader was up for consideration of an Academy Award in the Scientific and Technical Achievement category in 2002.

In November of 2008, Blake founded Tri-State Biopolymers, LLC, a privately-held developer, manufacturer and marketer of environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and economical biopolymer foam products. The Company’s products were designed to be used in homes, buildings, packaging, furniture and other commercial applications with strong retail, commercial and industrial market applications. His experience operating Tri-State BioPolymers, LLC, led to the opportunities for Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Doherty

Bob is a seasoned business and technology executive with experience in manufacturing, operations and engineering.  He has successfully led global businesses and has a proven track record of consistently exceeding revenue and profit objectives.  He has successfully taken two companies from start-ups to multi-million dollars in sales.

Bob previously worked for companies supplying the U.S. government, by developing technologies for the B-2 Bomber and other various projects. Recently, Bob let the ALM Tech Group while increasing sales of $360,000 to $4.5 million in 2013, selling to customers such as Boeing, Lockheed and the Department of Defense.  Bob also grew the sales of ArmorStruxx from $235,000 to $14.2 million within three months.  In addition, Bob served as CEO and director of Cosmotronic, a circuit board fabrication company.  He successfully restructured $42 million in legacy debt while navigating Chapter 11 bankruptcy in five weeks.  He then transformed the business from monthly losses into a profitable company, increasing sales from $7.4 million to $14.3 million in three years while decreasing the cost of operations.  While at AIRTech and ECTech, Bob has substantially expanded the intellectual register.

Vice President

Robert Switzer

Robert has 25 years of experience in business and executive management, with particular expertise and passion for start-ups. As a start-up specialist, Robert has taken businesses from very simple beginning concepts to millions of dollars in sales. In addition, Robert has restructured corporate debt and equity, reduced liabilities by $22,000,000, revitalized net revenue, and accomplished turnarounds of troubled businesses.

Robert is leading Earth Conscious Technology® in the expansion of its product lines beyond memory foam applications, taking advantage of the vast array of BeBetterFoam® formulas available through AIRTech. Under Robert’s leadership, EC Tech is currently expanding into construction materials, sporting goods and other sales channels where margins are particularly attractive.

Secretary - Investors Relations

Tim Woodward

Mr. Woodward has extensive experience in the areas of investment banking, entertainment and marketing. Prior to joining Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc., Mr. Woodward served as a Director of Tri-State Biopolymers, LLC, a privately-held developer, manufacturer and marketer of environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and economical biopolymer foam products. Mr. Woodward oversaw all sales and operations in California and was the Division Manager of Hollywood Props, Sets & Soundproofing.

Mr. Woodward worked for numerous marketing companies, where he was instrumental in several infomercial projects including: The Powerball with Susan Anton; and Elvis Forever featuring Glen Campbell. He was also influential in the raising of venture capital for numerous successful private companies in technology, cosmetics, innovative diesel design, green energy, and state-of-the-art sound and projection technology specific to the Hollywood entertainment industry.
Mr. Woodward holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas


Vince Hernandez

Vince L. Hernandez is a General Building Design Contractor, specializing in the implementation of eco-friendly construction materials.  With over 30 years of experience, Vince holds California licenses in four separate professional trade categories while being certified in construction management and material placement. 

As a leader in the industry, Vince has been in charge of the design and implementation of new and retrofit energy-efficient technologies at over 100 major projects in the southwest region alone, including state and federal government centers and buildings throughout California. 

Sales Representative

Ryan Witte

Ryan Witte has extensive automotive experience with BMW, specializing in technical systems, and expert client care.  Ryan has a vast, global social network, and is helping AIRTech expand into industries that include country-wide power companies, Import/Export into Mexico City’s markets, and oil pipeline companies in Texas, and Canada.