AIRTech works with Motion Industries to solve problems for Disneyland


Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Amusement Park ride is very rough on the passenger cars.  They need nightly repair.

Amusement Park Water Rides can be shut down when oil gets into the water the “boats” float through.  This can come from mechanical or hydraulic sources, and makes a noxious odor for the guests.

Amusement park rides have both electronic, and hydraulic components.  Leaking oil drips from hydraulic hoses onto electronic sensors on the tracks, causing an instant shut down.

Problem 1

Tracks under Indiana Jones Temple of Doom passenger cars get covered in oil.  The oil gets on the safety sensors.  The sensors malfunction and shut down the rides.  Cleaning the tracks is extremely difficult, inefficient, and has been done the same way for decades – by hand, using a mop, one side of the track at a time.

Solution:  AIRTech Custom Made Track Cleaner with non-toxic BeBetterFoam®.

Outcome:  Using AIRTech innovation, tracks are cleaned in minutes, easily and efficiently, rather than in hours, reducing the downtime of the ride. 

Problem 2

Motors under the tracks on the Toon Town roller coaster that keep the cars moving drip oil in view of guests. Motors mounted under the tracks leak, and drip oilOil and dust cakes onto the yellow support piling. For years, they’ve wrapped 3M’s product around the bottom.  Very unsightly.  And ineffective.

Solution:  Oil absorbing, BeBetterFoam® fitted covers. AIRTech’s foam covers are custom made, fit perfectly, and have vents to prevent overheating.

Outcome:  AIRTech oil absorbing fitted covers are visually appealing and very effective at keeping oil out of sight and off the ground.

Problem 3

Oil leaks on the mechanics of the cars for Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, making a mess on the car, and dripping oil on the tracks.

Solution:  Custom made AIRTech oil absorbing fitted gaskets capture oil as it leaks, preventing a problem.Custom made gaskets for passenger cars on Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.Foam gasket absorbs 14 times its own weight in oil.Required on each side of the vehicle, shown here on a stripped-down carriage.

Outcome:  Working with mechanics to prevent oil spills, thereby reducing downtime on the ride.

Custom made gaskets for passenger cars on Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.
Foam gasket absorbs 14 times its own weight in oil!

Problem 4

General clean up and maintenance in the shops takes too much time and using Simple Green, and similar products contain known carcinogens and create toxic fumes that endanger employees’ health.

Solution:  AIRTech’s all natural, non-toxic, food grade, Liquid Bio-Degreaser, already approved by Disneyland!  It removes grease easily, and makes every cleanup job easier, leaving behind a fresh, citrus scent.  Gentle enough to use on hands, too!                                                   

Additional SolutionsAIRTech Liquid Bio-Degreaser can be customized to address a variety of challenges. Disneyland asked AIRTech to create a solution for removing calcium buildup on their “boats.”  We adjusted the basic chemistry to make a super strength version that easily removes the calcium buildup.  Also created a custom de-greaser that removes Aqua Shield grease from equipment, parts, and hands. It’s impossible to not notice the calcium buildup and Disneyland is all about keeping up clean appearances for patrons.  Here’s the side-by-side shot showing the left side untouched, and the right side cleaned up by our de-calcifier.  What a difference!

Outcome:  Using an all-natural product creates a cleaner, safer work environment for employees and guests, making the clean-up job more efficient, eliminating offensive odors, leaving only a fresh, citrus scent.

who we are.


We came together in response to the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill that occured in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2010. We were appalled as we witnessed the immediate, devastating impact of the environment. We also saw that the conventional cleanup methods being used were even more damaging to ecosystem, and were not solving the problem. we wanted to help with cleanup effort, so we decided to not be a team of onlookers, but a team that takes action and honors the fact that we are all responsible for the human impact on our planet.

Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIRTech) was our first in finding a solution. Our mission was to be an integral part of resolving this global problem. We joined with one of the top chemists in the world to formulate a new, non-toxic foam product made from renewable resources. By shaping our foam into buoys, booms, and pads, and developing them around an oil spill, we are able to quickly absorb oil from a body of water as easily as you would use a sponge to mop up a spill at home. With the help of family, friends, a few investors, and years of hard work, we developed a product that was approved by the EPA, and also got the green light from the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH & WILDLIFE. The foam is water repellent (hydrophobic), while it naturally absorbs oil and silicones (oleophilic). In addition to being highly absorbent on a molecular level, it is so resilient that it an be reused multiple times without degrading. We call it BeBetterFoam®.

Chairman of the AIRTech Board / Founder

blake ward​

Blake has extensive marketing experience developing and assisting small to mid-size companies with private placement funding, and brings diversified experience in business management and corporate finance. Blake has extensive expertise in the construction industry. Since 1985, he has managed, consulted and started several construction and concrete cutting, coring and demolition companies which include American Concrete Cutting & Coring, Castillo Demolition & Concrete and Crown concrete Cutting & Coring.

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Doherty

Bob is a seasoned business and technology executive with experience in manufacturing, operations and engineering. He has successfully led global businesses and has a proven track record of consistently exceeding revenue and profit objectives. He has successfully taken two companies from start-ups to multi-million dollars in sales.