how it started.

Our timeline.

British Petroleum - Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill occurs in Gulf of Mexico

April 2010
AIRTech develops first non-toxic, oleophilic BeBetterFoam® that absorbs oilMay 2010

AIRTech builds BeBetterFoam® OX 28 Oil Extractor Prototype

September 2010
BeBetterFoam® technology is successfully tested and utilized in Dana Point, CANovember 2010

AIRTech takes BeBetterFoam® to Yellowstone River Spill in Laurel, Montana


Perform isolated BeBetterFoam® booms test in Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach, CA

May 2012
Receive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to use BeBetterFoam® technology in all waterwaysJuly 2012

AIRTech deploys boom test lines across Channels 1 & 2 in Los Alamitos Bay

October 2012

AIRTech funds the deployment of booms in Los Cerritos Wetlands

November 2012

Receive exemption letter from CA Department of Fish & Wildlife

January 2013

Received permission from CA Coastal Commision to set up semi-permanent R&D location in California waters

February 2013

Create Soap's Up! - first soap-infused sponges

March 2013

Named "Small Business of the Year” for 68th Assembly District of California for clean manufacturing practices

June 2013
Verizon uses BeBetterFoam® BoomsJune 2013
Manufacture first non-toxic surfboard blanksAugust 2013

AIRTech creates first spin-off company called Pura Naturals

September 2013

Spin-off BeBetterBoards with Surf Legend, Larry Bertlemann

June 2014

Acquired additional non-toxic foam formulas

June 2014
Kyana Rowland rode a BeBetterFoam® Board to a podium finish at NationalsDecember 2014

AIRTech creates additional hybrid formulas from existing proprietary formulas

February 2015

Pura Naturals' sponges sold in retail stores

February 2015

Frack water filter field testing begins

December 2015

Hall of Fame Jockey, Kent Desormeaux, wears Pura Naturals silks in the Belmont Stakes

June 2016

Named Best Available Technology for oil clean-up by the Coast Guard

June 2017

AIRTech sells out of memory foam core pillows sold under the EcoSoft label at Brookstone

October 2017

Begin R & D for Grease Beast sponges

February 2018

Developed CBD and Hemp Seed Extract infused cosmetic face pads for testing

March 2018

Develop prototype filter for capturing airborne hydrocarbons, and Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2S)

September 2018

Create custom made track cleaners and gaskets for Disneyland

October 2019

Featured at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada

November 2019

Created oil absorbing foam covers for leaking motors on Toon Town amusement park ride

January 2020

Begin six-month test on creosote-leaking utility pole for Southern California Edison

June 2020

Submitted new spray to EPA for certification

November 2020

Edison purchases additional collars to test

November 2020

Six-month Edison utility pole test successfully completed

December 2020

Finalized the design on the revolutionary wringer/extractor.

April 2021

All natural liquid Bio-Degreaser Spray receives BioPreferred USDA Certification

July 2021