New! The all new AIRTech Wringer/Extractor

Introducing the AIRTech Oil Extraction System

The perfect compliment to our Oil Spill Pads and Trays!

We are excited to have developed the first oil pad extraction system that is proven to extract 98%+ of the absorbed fluids! The liquid can then be recycled or reclaimed thereby reducing the overall hazardous waste – with less mess.

It Works For

Our BeBetterFoam® spill pads are capable of capturing over 1 QUART of oil, without leaking or flowing through. That’s over 14x their weight and 2-4 times faster than the competition. What’s more, our pads can be reused up to 12 times – meaning over their lifespan, they can absorb & reclaim over 19 pounds of hazardous waste. You’d have to use 9 of our competitors pads to equal the absorbency of 1 of our pads, now that’s a huge material cost savings!

The extractor is self-contained, portable, and easy to use with little to no training. It does not require electricity and has a side drain, so once done you simply drain the reclaimed oil out into an appropriate container.